11-Year-Old Boy Runs In The Street To Rescue The Injured Dog That Was Hit By Car

There is nothing sweeter than the bond between a child and a dog, and a story shows how brave and kind children can be when it comes to their animal friends. When a dog was in great danger, a boy ventured to save his life.The incident occurred in 2013 in Itajaí, Brazil. According to the Huffington Post, local press reported that a dog was injured after being hit by a car on the street. The driver of the car got away.

When he saw this, an 11-year-old boy named Jean Fernandez ran to his rescue and dodged oncoming vehicles to bring him to safety. The boy was praised for his heroic deeds. Many expressed their admiration for someone so young to be so selfless. But Jean’s mother told the Brazilian News that she was not surprised by what her son had done. She said that she loves animals and often helps neglected and abused pets. Meanwhile, the dog, supposedly named Mel, was taken to an animal control center where his injuries were being treated and a full recovery was expected.

Many thanks to this kid who saved this poor dog when no one else would! You are a true hero.

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