3-year-old girl and her puppy recreate ‘Beauty and the Beast’ dance scene

It must be some sort of special connection between little humans and dogs, since it is impossible to find a more heart-melting duo. Whether they’re playing, sleeping or just hanging around babies and puppies send these positive vibes to everyone’s watching them.


Such an incredible bond also connects Emily – a three-year-old girl, and her best buddy, Rudy – a gentle Goldendoodle. Since the cute pup was with the family before Emily was born, he naturally acted like her big brother. Since she come into this world, Rudy was always there to protect her and comfort her. So, it is easy to understand their special friendship. But even so, the two have recently won everyone’s heart with their routine.


A big fan of the animation movie ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ Emily thought it would be so nice if she dresses up just like Bella – her favorite character. And since she and her beloved furry companion are in everything together, Rudy also got dressed up with his own ‘Beauty and the Beast’ costume. But what came up next, was something no one would had ever expected. In an extremely adorable video, Emily and Rudy just recreated the dancing scene from their favorite movie.


“They were watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for the 100th time and she wanted to put her costume on to be Belle, and she insisted that Rudy try his,” Kaylee Slobotsk, the toddler’s mom told The Dodo. “She took it from there, and he gave her about 40 seconds of dancing. It was the sweetest little moment.”

The proud mom has then shared the heartwarming video on Facebook and people can’t get enough of overload of cuteness. The footage gained over 18 million views with people absorbed by Emily and Rudy’s charm. But who wouldn’t be? Take a look:

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