4 Senior Chihuahuas At Shelter Without A Single Tooth, Adopted All Together

Julie Docherty volunteered to walk dogs at a shelter in Los Angeles as she was not very keen to a adopt a pet after moving, as that was a great idea to get used to her new place.

So, when she went to the shelter to take a dog for a walk for the first time, she directly fell in love with a 11-year-old Chihuahua called MoMo and directly adopted him.

After realizing that the dog has many senior dogs, she decided to adopt three more chihuahuas.

Paloma, Choli, MoMo, and Benito, the four chihuahuas, are completely perfect as no one them has even a tooth in their mouths. They do everything together like napping together, playing, basking in the sun.

Julie then started taking senior dogs into her home to help them spend their golden years in a forever home. What a great woman!

Watch the video below.

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