84-year-old man slipped and fell in the bathroom: after 16 hours, the cat saved his life

Cats have a character. They can be playful, moody, pleasant, even sad or angry! In most cases, cats are less attached to their owners than dogs.

If you thought cats couldn’t be heroes, then you’re wrong!
Cats are sometimes less friendly than dogs, but they still love their owners and are ready to stand up for them if necessary! There were many cases when cats surprised people with their selfless exploits.

We have heard of cats hissing at bullies, rescuing a four-year-old child from a neighbor’s dog, guarding an abandoned child, meowing, calling for attention, and calling for help!

An 85-year-old man and his Fluffy cat are connected by a special bond.

Ron Williams and Fluffy met last year, and neither of them could have suspected that they would eventually have a strong bond, even stronger than between people. Fluffy was brought to Ron by a friend to keep him company. It was a friendship made in heaven!

“I looked at him and, hey, I just fell in love with him,” Williams said.
Ron and Fluffy quickly became best friends

It seemed that nothing could break their idyll, but one day Ron, who was 85 years old in September, slipped and fell in the shower. He was injured and couldn’t move.

Ron lay helplessly on the bathroom floor all day:
“My arm got stuck under me, and the clock kept going,” said Ron. “16 hours..” explained Ron.

Seeing no help, he lay helplessly on the bathroom floor. He couldn’t get his Life Alert because he left it in another room and the bathroom door was closed. To make matters worse, he couldn’t get to his phone. He was on the shelf, but too far away for him.

At the crucial moment, Ron’s four-legged friend came to the rescue, proving once and for all that cats can be heroes!
Almost overcome with despair, Ron suddenly thought of his cat who was in the room next to the bathroom. Then he remembered how he had taught Fluffy to pick up the phone when he said “call.”

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