A Stray Puppy Chases A Car In Hopes Of Being Rescued, So The Driver Stops And Changes His Life

There are so many stray dogs that take care of themselves and wait for someone to come and rescue them. But a determined little dog didn’t wait: he ran after a woman’s car and won her enough to pick him up.

Valia Orfanidou from Greece helps passionate animals. She rescues and cares for stray dogs, which are sadly common in her homeland.

“Greece has around 3-5 million stray dogs,” Valia told The Dodo. “The streets here are like an open animal shelter: if you no longer love your dog, you let him go outside, there is no other option.”

Recently, she had an unforgettable encounter with one of these dogs… after seeing him chase her car.

Valia stopped and the puppy hid under vehicle, as if to prevent her from leaving. She was startled by the dog’s determination.

“Quite a smart move, actually,” she said in the video. “Basically he saved himself, this one here.”

The two then play hide and seek by the roadside, while Valia works slowly to earn the dog’s trust. She said many cars had surpassed them, a reminder of how common these dogs are in this country and how many people are “insensitive” to the issue.

Valia knew she had to help the dog, knew that no one else would. After ten minutes of playing hide and seek, she finally got him into her car, where he quickly warmed up to her. She took him to a vet. Despite having to fend for himself on the street for so long, the puppy was in good health and in a good mood. The dog was called Bandit.

“He’s independent and strong-willed,” Valia told The Dodo. “[But] very loyal and lives to learn.”

Grooming Bandit at home with her other pets, Valia says she enjoyed watching him tour the world when he was an innocent puppy.

“I feel like I want to show him everything, show him everything, the world and its smells and its beauty,” she said.

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