Adorable Moment Shows Baby Monkey Caring For Baby Ducks Like Family

It is always comforting to watch baby animals do things together, especially when there are different species around. This time, a baby monkey and his five duckling friends win hearts everywhere. These unusual companions were recently caught on camera hanging out together and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The gorgeous eight-minute footage was shot almost a month ago and has already received more than 45 million views. But it only takes a few seconds to fall in love with him.

Seeing a baby monkey take care of five ducklings as if they were his little brothers will definitely bring a big smile to your face and a spark to your heart. It’s unclear how the ducklings and their friend got together, but the connection they share is very clear. While the ducklings hang around the monkey as if it were her mother, the baby monkey is constantly trying to cuddle her even smaller friends.

But after walking around for a while, everyone was hungry. So, of course, they also eat together. While the cute ducklings serve cooked rice, the baby monkey eats his nutrient-filled milk bottle. After a meal like this, you can expect them to get some rest, but no, the game time continues. Although ducklings follow their cute friends everywhere, things get a bit tricky when he rolls a three. At some point, even he is surprised that his furry friends are not after him, but he discovers them among the three of them.

These cute little ones who hang out together all day are the cutest thing to see. Take a look below!

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