Bear kept in tiny cage for 9 years jumps for joy when sees water for the first time

This is the heartwarming moment a bear literally jumps for joy when realizes he’s finally free after years in captivity. The gentle giant can’t hold his excitement when he swims for the very first time. His adorable reaction was caught on camera!

For Tuffy – a moon bear – life was anything but easy. The 9-year-old animal was forced to spend most of his lifetime in tiny rusty cages. Fortunately, all of it came to an end, when some bighearted people learned about his miserable life and went above and beyond to set him free. Thanks to Animals Asia, a Hong Kong-based charity group, this kind soul has a new chance to life.


Shortly after they have rescued him from the bear bile farm where he was kept in captivity, the rescue team has taken Tuffy to one of their sanctuary in Vietnam. Though he was not in the best condition as he had multiple teeth fractures and or damages, the poor bear looked so relieved that he finally got the chance to a free life.

Youtube/Animals Asia

Tuffy initially undergone surgery, and soon after he fully recovered, the caring volunteers at Animals Asia charity introduce him to his new home. A big, comfortable enclosure was prepared only for Tuffy. Of course, since the bear had never experienced pool splashing before, his rescuers arranged one.

Youtube/Animals Asia

“Coming from years of little or no water, for Tuffy this must feel like a true oasis after being parched and in pain for so long,” Louise Ellis at the Animals Asia wrote on the charity’s website. The moment Tuffy went into the pool for the very first time is too beautiful to be described by words. Happiness can be seen on his face as he jumps for joy in the water. Watch his reaction here:

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