Cat Is So Obsessed With Food He Taught Himself To Open Containers With His Teeth

If you have food, this cat wants it 😸

Most cats are notoriously picky about their food but not this one. He acts like each morsel is the last delicacy on earth and he hasn’t eaten in a year.

If you have food, this cat wants it. It doesn’t matter what it is, he’s determined to eat it. If you want to eat your own food, you have to outsmart him or he’ll steal it.

He’s so determined to get to the food, his fur mom has to watch him while dad cooks. Otherwise, he’ll ambush the meal when they least expect it.

Trekkie can scale the oven, stealthily steals plates off the stove, raid the dishwasher, and will “strike like a viper” when your guard is down.

According to mom, there is no medical reason for his compulsion. It’s just part of who he is and he likes to eat. At his worst, he has to be locked in the bathroom for his own safety and so that others can eat. No worries though, he knows how to escape from there.

Living with Trekkie is a job. He can open doors, tear open containers, and has even learned how to take the lid off the crockpot so his family had to figure out a system that he couldn’t crack.

They’ve had to hang the trash up high above the floor but that doesn’t stop the feline mastermind from finding his way inside the trash bag via the top of the refrigerator. There seems to be no limits on what this clever cat can figure out.

Mealtimes are also tricky in the Trekkie house. In reality, he’s a lot of hard work and his family loves him enough to make sure he doesn’t steal much food and is limited to his own. He’s fed with a timed feeder, along with the other kitties in the house.

Despite the challenges, his family says he’s the sweetest cat in the world. He looks so sweet, too. Please share Trekkie’s antics with your family and friends.

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