Father Lion Tries To Abandon His Cubs In Heartwarming Video

The animal kingdom often offers strange moments that should brighten up your day. But while a dog or cat, or generally pets, is to be expected to act silly, even intrepid predators have their moments. Take, for example, this majestic lion whose antics made everyone laugh.

In a very adorable but comical video, a male lion shows the world that parenting is not the easiest job. Even more, judging by the way he really shies away from responsibility, you might think that it’s actually the hardest part. After all, with four troubled kids on the way, the day can be quite difficult. Or you can use that father’s tactic.

The occasion – got on a short film – lovably reproduces scenes from The Lion King, where the affable Simba can’t get enough of his father, Musafa. Just this time, we have not one, but rather four Simbas. A difficult work, isn’t that so?

In any case, the video debuts with the lion father clearly being in accused of his little ones. In any case, he’s trusting, he may watch out for them, from distance. Yet, in fledglings vision that won’t occur as they easily keep it up with the male, in any event, when he’s in a real sense fleeing.

Certainly, not the best instance of nurturing, but rather merits watching. All things considered, this video acquired than 18 million perspectives.

Thus, take a look:

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