Poor Dog Gets Thrown Out of a Moving Car Into the Cold Snow. Thankfully, Someone Steps In To Help.

Poor Dog Gets Thrown Out of a Moving Car Into the Cold Snow. Thankfully, Someone Steps In To Help.

Sometimes, it is sad to know that there are really people who don’t deserve to have pets in their lives. Just like the former owner of this dog who threw it out of the moving car and into the cold snow. The poor pooch is probably scared and confused about what’s happening. Thankfully, someone noticed and offered to help.

Natasha and her dad were on their way home when they saw someone throwing a trash bag out of their vehicle. They didn’t think much of it at first as some people would do that. But in the rearview mirror, they noticed that the content of the trashbag seems to be moving.

They stopped and checked the trash bag. What they saw broke their heart…

What’s inside the trash bag abandoned in the cold snow was a dog. The dog was obviously stressed and scared. So Natasha and her dad decided to bring him home to take care of.

They named the dog “Sanya.”

After bringing Sanya home, everything seemed to be doing well until he started urinating blood. They got worried about his condition so they brought him right away to the vet to get him checked. While at the vet, the dog was very calm and cooperative. There were no signs of aggressiveness at all.

After checking him out through endoscopy, Sanya was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer.

The three most common causes of stomach and intestinal (duodenal) ulcers in dogs are hepatic (liver) disease, use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids, and neoplasia (abnormal growth of cells). The mucosa of the stomach and intestine normally offer protection from acid-induced injury.

In dogs, the most common clinical signs observed if they have gastric ulceration patients include dark, tarry stools, vomiting, with or without signs of bleeding (bright red blood or partially digested blood that appears as “coffee grounds,” and bloody diarrhea. With Sanya, he had no appetite and would often have diarrhea.

The dog seemed to sense that Natasha was worried about him and she said that he would give him puppy kisses. Probably to reassure Natasha that everything would be alright.

She shared, “I was so scared of losing him at that time. He kept looking at me crying and didn’t understand what was happening.” She added, “He looked at me affectionately like a child looked at his mother. He approached me to be caressed. I knew that at that time, he really needed me by his side.”

Natasha would reassure him, saying, “Everything will be fine, you will get well and will continue your beautiful life.”

Sanya’s condition got worse. He would constantly vomit and pass blood. Butt with the medications prescribed by the veterinarian, he slowly recovered. After the treatments, Sanya fully recovered.

In a video, Natasha said, “Let’s see how happy he was when he heard my voice.”

And indeed, the dog was jumping excitedly the moment he sees her. He showered her with kisses and he was obviously happy. He was probably too excited to finally go home.

On their way home, he stood on his hind legs looking out the window, just enjoying the view. He looked peaceful and contended, definitely thankful for letting Natasha and her dad find him that night when his previous owner didn’t want him anymore.

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