The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Pictures Of These Baby Caracals

If you are a cat lover, then for sure you are going to love these cuties that are taking over the internet lately.

Are you familiar with the caracals? Have you seen a baby caracal on the internet? Caracals are great cats and they are very popular in many cultures.

During the time of the ancient Egyptians, the caracals were of great importance. Even up to this day, you can see the caracals in paintings and in bronze figurines. The caracals were the guardians of the tombs of the pharoahs. The Chinese emperors also use caracals as a present for their people.

While the Indian rulers use the caracals for their small hunting game. And also, the fur of these cats was used to make precious coats.

The name “caracal” comes from the Turkish word “karakakal” which means “a black ear.”

These cats belong to the group of 30 different species of small, wild cats of the world. The adult caracals can be as heavy as 40lbs. Caracals are incredible hunters and they can also run up to 50mph. These cats are also native to the African regions, the Middle East, as well as the Indian subcontinent. The caracals can survive through sneak attacks.

Just like the other cat species, they are also super-fast. Their cushioned footpads are what’s giving them more power. Their hind legs give them the capability to jump up to 6-feet in the air.

They may be great hunters but they are one of the cutest animals that you will ever see on the internet these days. What makes them distinct is the tufts of hair that you can find on the tips of their ear. But this has a better purpose. This hair makes them hear better. The mother caracal can deliver up to three babies at a time.

Because of how cute they are, more and more cat lovers also want to have one of these in their homes and make them as their pets. But if you want to have one, you have to make sure that you take the time to learn how to tame them while they are still young. Caracals are wild cats.

This means that they need to be in human contact at all costs for them to adapt to their new environment.

In just six months, the caracals will be safe for adoption. They adapt easily and they don’t have any problem fitting with the new environment. These cat hunters are very friendly to humans, even with kids. They can also easily get along with your other pets too. This means that you would be able to domesticate them without any problem.

Would you be interested to bring a baby caracal to your home too?

If yes, then know that it is illegal to domesticate caracals in some countries. Make sure that you do your thorough research before you decide to adopt one. Also, you have to learn beforehand how to train and care for them. Yes, they are cats, but they are wild animals. You need to be extra careful because they are different than the regular house cats that you probably already own.

If you are ready, then why not give caracals a chance to live a domesticated life?

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